Various rubber products manufacturer as customer's request include silicone rubber bakewares, silicone kitchenwares, flexible silicone spatulas, polyurethane foamed gifts, PU foamed balls, PU foamed key chains, elastic latex circles, elastic rubber bands, elastic rubber circles, silicone rubber o-rings, PU oil seals, PU hydraulic seals, rubber bonded washers, customized rubber moulding parts and so on, in kinds of rubber materials such as NBR, EPDM, FKM, SILICONE, Viton, PU(ployurethane)...

Designing & Manufacture Rubber Product


                              To Make Our Product Artistic !                                

Customize Rubber Parts Silicone Rubber Products Elastic Rubber Bands O-Rings


Oil Seals Rubber Cord

EPDM Foam Parts





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