Ningbo Yaseki company design and produce kinds of rubber and palstic part, including mould pressing rubber products, punching rubber and plastic parts, color rubber band ,rubber cord, rubber tube, belt, strip etc.
Designing and Manufacturing Molded Rubber Parts

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manufacture rubber parts,custom molded rubber parts

Since 1995, Yaseki Rubber has specialized in supplying customers with a single-source solution for high-quality, high-performing rubber parts.

 Yaseki Rubber allows you to focus on your core business and spend less time managing ever-changing supply chains. We are a single source point of contact for the widest selection of top rubber parts and services.

 From grommets and gaskets to body pads and formed hoses to custom-engineered profiles, we can provide you with access to the industry’s highest-quality parts to meet your application needs. Working directly with our customers, our team of experts develops specific solutions to help maximize your engineering methods, product performance, and quality and delivery requirements. We are business improvement specialists.

Ningbo Yaseki Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and exporting custom molded rubber products, extruded rubber products and other rubber parts. We are the manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Rubber products to Railway Tracks, Construction Industry, Automobile Industry and Industrial rubber parts Supplies.

We manufacture and export custom rubber parts, molded rubber parts, rubber Bands, Rubber cord, rubber sheet, Bumpers, Rings, Cylinders, Gaskets, Pads, Etc Various rubber parts.

We dedicated to becoming the rubber people and produce our rubber product to be perfect!

Dedicated to your success using our custom solutions. . .

We appreciate you for considering Ninbo Yaseki Company to be your partner in creating custom rubber molding solutions for your needs.



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