We Take Rubber Bands Seriously!If you're in need of elastic rubber bands of any type, style or form you've come to the right place! Whether it be standard stationery rubber bands, rubber bands designed for holding trash can liners in place, rubber bands big enough and strong enough to secure boxes on a pallet or covers on furniture, or even specialty rubber bands used with anything from agricultural products to securing lobster claws, give yaseki an email.
Manufacture & Sell Various Color And Size Rubber Band

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We are a manufacturer of rubber bands in China. We established since 1995. We produce rubber bands in various sizes, colors, and qualities for exporting.
We also manufacture rubber bands in various colours and sizes to suit numerous industries. Standard size rubber bands are used in office appliance. Industrial bands are used in packaging industry. Bean bands and Root bands are used in agriculture industry and Pallet straps are used in transport industry. Also we manufacture supply according to buyer’s requirements packed in PP bags or in Boxes or Bulk.

We can provide you variety of packing, up to your requirement, box or bag are available. We can provide your brand on the packet or whatever you need.

If you interest to contact us, we are welcome you to our page. We hope that we can start business with you.


Nature rubber structural formula

Nature rubber material


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