The quality of Yaseki products and their proven sales capabilities make them highly desired by toy buyers in all classes of retail trade. Furthermore, because of attractive retail prices coupled with quality soft, safe, foam features, Yaseki products attract the interest of the cost conscious shopper looking for great play value at reasonable costs.
Designing and Manufacturing Plastic and Rubber Products

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PU Foam Toy

Polyurethane foam football Polyurethane foam basketball Polyurethane foam soccer
PU Ball Series-1 PU Ball Series-2 PU Ball Series-3 PU Ball Series-4
Polyurethane foam fruit series
PU Fruit Series-1 PU Fruit Series-2 PU Fruit Series-3 PU Fruit Series-4
PU Animal Series-1 PU Animal Series-2 PU Animal Series-3 PU Animal Series-4
PU  Sculpt Series-1 PU  Sculpt Series-2 PU  Sculpt Series-3 PU  Sculpt Series-4
PU Lock catch Series-1 PU Lock Catch Series-2 PU Lock Catch Series-3 PU Lock Catch Series-4
PU Cartoon Series-1 PU Cartoon Series-2 PU Cartoon Series-3 PU Cartoon Series-4
PU Food PU Health Care Pillow EVA Foam Product PU Earplug

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